About Us

gamedevU is the game development solution for nerds, gamers, enthusiasts, geeks…

We are here for people who want to makes games; who have the passion, the dream of making games… but they don’t know where to start or where to begin.

And if you’re in that position, it can be really difficult because you WANT to make a game, you have a vision and a dream for a game, but you don’t know how to do graphic art, maybe you’ve never done any programming before… where do you even start? where do you go for answers?

Unfortunately, right now, there’s no where to go.

Sure, there are 2 and 4 year programs from university and trade schools, but the investment is significant, and is frankly out of financial reach for most people.

And if you decide to figure it out for yourself, it’s hard to know where to even begin.

  • What programming language do you need to learn?
  • Once you learn a language, how do you actually make a game with it?
    • You can pick up a book and learn C++, but that doesn’t actually answer the question of how to make a game using what you’ve learned.

It’s confusing. It’s hard. And without training, it can be almost impossible to get started.

That’s Where gamedevU Comes In.

We’re stepping in to fill that void so that gamers who truly want to express themselves through the art of game development are able to get their training at an affordable price point. A complete training resource that actually gives students the training that they need to make the type of games they want to make.

Our course and training are all the resources an aspiring developer will need, and at a price point that isn’t completely out of reach.

No fluff, no nonsense. Just learning to make games, and FAST. You’ll have made your first few games in just a few hours.

We also make the process as much FUN as possible. Because, seriously, we’re making GAMES :)